5 reasons why Kunal from Swabhimaan is the ‘dream man’ of every woman


Many of us drool over fictional characters!!! Right, na?
Colors’ popular daily Ek Shringar Swabhimaan (Rajshri Productions) has already made a special place in the hearts of the audience with its gripping tale and impressive characters.
Audience love each and every character associated with the show but we are sure that the characteristics that the male protagonist Kunal (played by Saahil Uppal) possess, has already made him a dream man of every woman.
Here we are sharing some of the reasons why Kunal is every woman’s dream man –
Good looks
Ever experienced the magic of love at first sight? If not, then the good looking and charismatic personality of Kunal will surely make you experience it.
A patient true loverPatience is the key and Kunal has inculcated it within himself. His patience to hear a ‘yes’ for his proposal from his lady love Meghna (Sangeita Chauhaan) has just won many hearts. After all, that’s how true lovers are!!!

Which girl doesn’t want her dream man to be romantic? Kunal is like a synonym for romance. Be it before or after marriage, the romantic side of Kunal has never changed. He knows how to add colours in the life of his lady love with his romantic side.
Fun loving

In this hectic life, it’s very important to have someone who can keep the moments light and take everything in an easy way. Kunal’s good sense of humour and his expertise in leg pulling makes every girl drool over him.
A supportive husband

Kunal is a perfect example of an ideal husband. No matter how hard the situation is, he always stands by his wife Meghna and supports her like the strongest pillar.
Don’t you agree?

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