5 ROBOTIC powers that Aniruddh Dave wishes to have in real

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‘Reliable’ robot , played by the very talented TV actor Aniruddh Dave, is the new hero in T-town.
As we know, YARO is a friendly and truth worthy robot who wins everyone’s heart with his innocence in SABTV’s Y.A.R.O.
in touch with Aniruddh and asked him to share any five robotic powers that he wishes to have in real life.

I want the power to understand people’s emotions and find a suitable solution them.

You don’t need a reason to help others, hence, I would want the power via which I can help everyone

I would want inbuilt GPS settings in me so that I never lose my way.

YARO has an inbuilt truth detector system, similarly I want one in real life. It would make me easy to figure out who is right and who is wrong.

I want to keep away everyone from bad habits. If I get this robotic quality it will be good on my part to stop people from doing wrong things.

Which robotic power you wish to have?

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