Aman Verma to host crime show


Actor Aman Verma has been roped in to host an upcoming crime TV show “Khaki Ek Vachan”. He says he is happy to be a part of a show which “puts a light on the good deeds of our police force”.
“Khaki Ek Vachan” will throw light on the good police officers in India. Each episode of the series will showcase the deeds of the government officials who fight against crime and corruption with their motto to let justice prevail.
“I come from the force (army) background and hence I know the life of navy, army and police officers. Considering my family roots, I always wanted to join the force but I landed up being an actor,” Aman said in a statement.
He added: “Through this profession too, I get to fulfil my one of the dream by portraying characters where I can be in the government official uniform. I am happy to be a part of ‘Khaki Ek Vachan’ which puts a light on the good deeds of our police force. The story of these hardworking officers needs to be awarded and showcased to the world.”
The show will air on BIG Magic, from July 10.

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