Anjali is the female version of SRK on Dhhai Kilo Prem set


Star Plus’ show Dhhai Kilo Prem has received accolades from all over town for its slice of life story which is very relatable. With their new concept, this show is a complete entertaining story based on two imperfect people with different perceptions about life and totally different personalities. The show has brought together stars like Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand as Piyush and Deepika in the lead roles.

Highlighting on the insights, Shah Rukh Khan’s fandom goes overloaded with some extra Dhhai Kilo Prem by Anjali Anand. There is a buzz around Anjali to be the female version of Shah Rukh Khan on sets. Claiming to be her biggest fan, she expresses her love for the idol by talking and reprising his role in her daily life. She has his famous dialogues by heart and connects with him in many ways. She listens to his evergreen songs all the time and is just as filmy as SRK in real as well as reel life. She even has SRK cutouts on the ceilings of her makeup room.

In a candid conversation with Anjali, she shared a piece of her heart and all the love she has for Shah Rukh saying, “I’ve grown up watching Shah Rukh Khan movies and his vibrant personality keeps me hooked. Moreover I’m an extremely romantic person at heart and I learn a lot from his movies that now people have started calling me the female version of SRK on set as well” laughs Anjali.

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