Anuj Sachdeva is ashamed to be an Indian!


Mumbai, 28 January 2018: Each year, India’s sumptuous Republic Day parade is preceded by days of patriotic fervour on the streets of states; with hawkers selling you national flags at crossings, and weeks of gruelling practices and rehearsals for the participants. The residents of the city and the police force may have something to grouse about; their life is out of joint for the duration and heightened security intrudes everywhere.

But let’s face it! Today, the significance of Republic Day has relapsed to a hollow show of drill and is just another annual holiday we all look forward to.

The Padmaavat controversy was sparked off immense rage among a certain sect of our country and in the row; the Karni Sena peddled stones at innocent students travelling in a school bus. While this does come as a disappointment, business degree noticed Anuj Sachdeva’s post on how the government is silent about a happening which is stirring the nation. He kept mentioning that he is ashamed to be an Indian as the Prime Minister is not able to take charge or control an intense situation and that protestors lack humanity.

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