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Avni’s mom Bhavna is crying as Avni is leaving the house. There is some secret behind it. Avni’s mom is seen crying kissing Avni and looking at her stuff. Tu Jaayegi Tu Bada Yaad Aayegi plays.

Reporter says, Avni will be missed by her mom who brought her up with love and care. He says, when she saw Avni’s wedding dress then she couldn’t stop herself from shedding tears.

At one side she is happy at Avni’s marriage and at the other she is sad as she will be leaving. Avni says, she is feeling sad as well as she will leave her maternal home and go to her inlaws’ home. She says, daughter’s home is her sasural.

Bhavna is seen loving her daughter. Bhavna says, every mom will relate to this scene. Reporter says, Avni will look beautiful in her wedding dress.

Avni shows her wedding dress and says she is loving it but it is very heavy. She says, she has to manage to look beautiful. Raj is seen with Avni’s earrings. Avni says, Raj wore her earrings as he is looking beautiful. Stay tuned for more updates.

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