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Dadisa has united Gehna with her old love. Gehna and Niranjan get married with the family’s blessings. Band Baja baraat plays in BG. The reporter says, Dadisa’s house has got happiness again as Gehna is getting married. Gehna has become bride once again wearing the red bridal dress. Dadisa is doing her Punar Vivah. Offscreen, Dadisa says she is very happy and Gehna has two kids so she took this step. The reporter says, Dadisa did not care about the society and too the decision of Gehna’s second marriage.

Dadisa has turned modern. Gehna agreed for marriage for her children’s happiness. Offscreen, Gehna says she is happy as family wanted this and children likes Niranjan. She says she is happy seeing them happy as their heart wish is fulfilled. The children have accepted Niranjan as Babusa. Offscreen, Niranjan says he is good being ghar jamai and he will fulfill all his duties. The couple is shown taking marriage vows and pheres. The reporter says, Shiv and Anandi came from Udaipur to become a part of Gehna Tai ji’s marriage.

Offscreen, Jagya says the show team is together and it feels good. Gehna poses with her bangles and shows her bridal attire. The leading women of the show look good in splendid colorful dresses. Sawaar loon plays in BG. Gehna says it is different for her but new bridal attire. Ganga and Anandi show their Rajasthani colored clothes and the sets. The group click a selfie. Sargun Mehta is going to bid bye to the show.

Sargun says it is time to move on and everything happens for the good. The stars admit they will admit Sargun. The reporter says, we have to wait to see will Ganga die or new Ganga comes in the show.

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