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Anandi dances with Shiv while it is raining. Barso Re Barso plays…..Anandi is not in her senses and looking changed. She is happily dancing shedding all her inhibitions. Shiv is surprised and worried with her behavior. Anandi is having fun and is full of masti.

Anandi says, she is enjoying the act because she is doing something different. She is laughing openly and the character is loud. Reporter says, reality is that Anandi is in very romantic mood today and rain romancing with her Shiv ji which is not done by daughter in law of the house.

Anandi says, she is showing love towards Shiv and brings Shiv outside to enjoy the rain. Reporter says, Shiv is surprised and worried about Anandi’s new drama. Anandi says, every husband will get worried.

Reporter says, husband is supporting his wife without knowing that it is Subhadra’s trick. She is giving drugs to Anandi to take revenge from her. Anandi says, she wants to take revenge. Reporter says, we are seeing romance between them now. Keep reading for more updates.

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