#BB10: Toofan task changes the tide in the Bigg Boss house!

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Tonight’s task is one of the most extensive tasks ever!

Unaware of the storm which is about to hit the Bigg Boss house, contestants wake up to the song Ye Mausam Ka Jadoo Hai Mitwa. The day starts with Lopa talking about her struggles and how she is proud of her achievements and representing India on a global platform. Manu also expresses his gratitude and says that he is proud of her achievements. Meanwhile, Swami Om is once again seen giving a monologue in front of the camera and missing his beti Priyanka with tears in his eyes. When Manu asks him the reason of his sadness, Swami Om says that he is just guilty of his wrongdoing and was apologizing into the camera. Moving to his next target, Swami Om asks Gaurav to convince Bani to have a conversation with him as he wants to clear the animosity and start afresh.

After constantly failing in the luxury budget task, Bigg Boss gives the contestants another chance to bag the luxury budget. In keeping with the winter season, Bigg Boss introduces the new luxury budget task ‘Toofan’ which will also impact captaincy. The house is turned into a snow clad region with a huge igloo placed in the garden area. The housemates are required to dress up as Kashmiris in Phiran and build or repair the igloo with the help of the equipment provided. Time and again, a snow storm will hit the house when the contestants are required to take shelter in the igloo and the last contestant to enter will be disqualified from the task and captaincy.

Even before the task begins, Swami Om warns the contestants that he will go to any extent to secure a spot for captaincy. He also adds that he doesn’t want to be a king but a kingmaker. As the first storm hits the house, Mona becomes the first one to be disqualified and starts crying over it. As the day progresses, Swami Om claims a seat near igloo and blocks the entrance for the contestants. In an attempt to stop Gaurav from entering the igloo, Swami Om makes few personal comments targeting him that leads to an argument between them. Tired of Swami Om’s actions, housemates plan to lock him inside the jail but Lopa dismisses the decision. When Swami Om refuses to move, Bigg Boss tells Lopa to put a mark outside the entrance and asks the contestants to follow the rules.

As the second storm hits the house, the contestants rush to hide inside but end up hitting each other. Though Bani is the first one to enter the igloo, Lopa blames her for pushing and hurting her. When Bani retaliates, Lopa asks her to stop using roadside language with her and does not accept any justification. Rohan and Manveer ask Lopa to calm down as it’s the nature of the task because of which everyone is getting hurt or bruised. As the day comes to a close, Swami Om’s drama once takes precedence over everything and Manveer is seen defending his actions by getting into a fight with Lopa and Rohan.

Will the housemates be able to push Swami Om out of the game or will he finally become the captain of the Bigg Boss house?

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