Bigg Boss 10: Synopsis Day 44

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Setting the tone for a dramatic day, the contestants wake up to ‘Chahe Koi Mujhe Junglee Kahe’. Noticing Priyanka and Bani out of their domes, the contestants try to figure the winner of the task. Priyanka initially refuses to tell Manveer, but as he walks away Priyanka cheekily reveals the result to him. Bani confides into her friends about her conversation with Priyanka and her plans to target Manu and Mona. An insecure Manu tells Priyanka that Bani is trying to manipulate her. Adding fuel to the fire, Om Swami tells Priyanka that Manu wants to create misunderstandings between Bani and her.

Delivering good and bad news, Bigg Boss announces Priyanka, Sahil, Gaurav and Nitibha as the winners of the dome task, and declared the losing contestants to be nominated and banished to the challenger’s room.

Later in the day, Manveer notices Om Swami hide something in his pillow. On checking his pillow, Manveer finds spoons and tells everybody that Om Swami had some ulterior motives. Justifying himself, Om Swami says that he kept the spoons to keep ‘Asoor shakti away’. Scared by his behaviour, Manu and Manveer check his bags and are shocked to find Lopa’s perfume and other household items. Giving Om Swami a last warning, Priyanka says that if he doesn’t stop she will not to talk to him anymore because it is insulting. A furious Om Swami gets into a brawl with Manveer for checking his bag without his consent. With all the housemates calling him a robber, Om Swami breaks down.

In the evening, Om Swami tells Priyanka that Manu and Manveer are responsible for creating fights between all the housemates. Mona overheard this and tells Om Swami to stop talking ill about others. Priyanka, insecure about Manu’s friendships, picked a fight with Mona which only calmed down after Manu played peacemaker.
Seeing the housemates take their own sweet time to complete their work, Sahil and Bani discussed Rohan’s inabilities as a captain. Further, with Bigg Boss having to interfere every time, Bigg Boss decides to terminate Rohan’s captaincy and bars him from ever being a captain again. An exasperated Rohan asks for everyone’s opinion about his captaincy and all the contestants try to pacify him. Priyanka, Manu and Manveer take advantage of this situation and plot about becoming the next captains of the Bigg Boss house. As the clock strikes midnight, the housemates bring in Bani’s birthday by cutting a cake sent for her by her best friend.
With Bigg Boss firing Rohan as a captain owing to his poor performance, will the next captain be able to change the tide?

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