Bigg Boss 12 probable contestant Mahika Sharma says she is open to breastfeeding


MUMBAI: Actress Mahika Sharma who has always grabbed limelight with her bold statement is now busy in promoting “World Breastfeeding Week”

Mahika Sharma a former Miss Teen Northeast, India says she is open to feed her breast to unfortunate babies who don’t have a mother. She also shared a post on her official Instagram.

“Nature has given us most wonderful and amazing part, breast. I am no mom.. but I want to celebrate World Breast Feeding Week. The unfortunate who don’t have a mom for any reason. Be social to them. Feed them. I have heard the stories about how in the pages of history girls use to feed such babies. I’m open to it. Girls start being a little more social,” she said.

Mahika is gearing up for her upcoming Bollywood movie “The Modern culture” which also stars British actor Danny D. The duo are launching a production house in India.

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