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Diandra is crying. Gautam consoles her saying, I am sorry. Later, Gautam says thsi sis cheating. You’re breaking trust in task. Diandra says you did the same in task. He says you kissed me in the task. Diandra says you kissed me can’t I kiss you in task? Diandra says did you like it? Gautam says what you want? She says I will say it loud. He says why? Diandra says okay I’m sorry but we are still in the task. He says you are getting too close. She kisses him on the cheek.

Praneet is resented. Praneet says to Pritham I told you, you have to abide by the rules. puneet says even Big boss didn’t stop me. Whats your problem. Praneet says he can talk calmly why does he shout every time. I told him what are the rules. Pirtham says, I am the captain I will take the final decision calm down now. Puneet says go to hell no one wants to talk to you. Praneet says don’t talk like that Puneet. Puneet says go go. Praneet says is this the way you talk. Puneet says I do.

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