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Soonam comes as guests and dances with Salman Khan on ‘Prem Ratan’.
Salman says Khan says I will take a name they will tell me what’s happening in the slide.
He shows the slide in which Mandana, Rochelle and Prince are sitting on chair. He asks Kishwar what is this? She says some threesome spa going on, maybe. Everyone laughs. Salman asks what must be going on in Keith’s mind? I know about prince, he must be like lets change the party.

Keith asks Mandana what bad habit of mine annoys you the most? Mandana says smoking at night is it. He smokes in smoking room so I have stay in the garden which is really agitating. Salman says can’t you do that for Mandana? He says I can even quit smoking for her.

Salman asks if Suyyash was single which girl in this house would he have dated? He writes Yuvika. Prince on the other hand writes Rimi. Salman says you people are such good friends yet you don’t know that about each other. But this is a good point. Vikaas and Yuvika will you go out of this house today or not?
He asks to write Kishwer’s most irritating habit. Aman writes she doesn’t talk. He asks Kishwer to write Aman’s. She says he pulls me here and there like a dog.

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