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Aparajita says she does not like anyone who cheats her. Aparajita turns into BrahmaRakshas and the goons scream and get away from her. Her nails grow and eyes turn red. She turns huge into a devil. Reporter says everyone who sees devil gives such reactions. BrahmaRakshas will be coming back.

Raina and Rishabh are playing truth and dare. Reporter says the shocking suspense will spoil all the fun. What is the matter of three sheep, that Raina is loving, we will tell complete story, we will go to haveli. Raina gets to know Rishabh’s secret. Rishabh praises his ex GF and Raina gets upset.

Rishabh makes Raina jealous. Aparajita has turned into a devil and makes an entry there. Offscreen Aparajita says I would like BrahmaRakshas to come back, he is an excellent co star. The three sheep get dead. Everyone see the blood and decide to run away from the farmhouse. Reporter says how will Raina face the BrahmaRakshas and fight with the new devil? Keep reading.

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