Chandra Nandni cast’s monsoon MASTI; weather woes can take a hike


Mumbai was drenched in a torrential downpour yesterday. It was a traumatic experience for Mumbaikars yesterday (29 August).
Heavy rain and flooded roads brought the city to a halt. It felt like history is going to repeat itself and the city will witness the same floods that brought the city to a standstill 12 years ago on 26 July, 2005.
There was pain and panic everywhere, roads were flooded, trains were not running and people were stuck in traffic for hours together. There was no transport available for people to reach home from their work place. However, it is the spirit of the city that kept things buzzing. There were people who extended helping hands so that at the end of it all, everyone reached their haven safely.
When the city was reeling under the calamity, our TV actors weren’t bereft of the agony. They also underwent the ordeal of jammed roads. Some of them couldn’t reach home while others stayed on the sets for the entire night.
However, the case was pretty different for the Chandra Nandni actors. Due to the rains they also were stuck and couldn’t reach home, but instead of sulking, they took shelter in the nearby hotel and had fun.
Shweta Basu Prasad who plays Nandni in the show, shared her experience with TellyChakkar. She quipped, “due to heavy rains we couldn’t reach home as we shoot in outskirts of Mumbai and the highways were jammed too. It takes more than hour to reach the main city. So our production booked rooms in the nearby hotel and all the cast and crew, technicians, production and director stayed there”. She added, “it was like a like picnic for us. As we all have never stayed together so it was fun. It was like an outdoor shoot.”
knows what it is to shoot for long hours in front of the lights, with the heavy make up and attire and such a change is always welcoming. We are sure that the weather was a blessing in disguise for the team Chandra Nandni yesterday and all’s well that ends well. We hope the camraderie continues and we get to see a lot more of you. (Shweta are you listening ?)

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