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Reporter says, the problem is ahead for rathi family as the criminal Rajkumar fooled security of Zakir and Sandhya. he wants to terrorize Rathi family.

Off-screen Rajkumar says, Rk is not meant to die in jail, he already challenged Sandhya so he has to run from jail.

Reporter says, Zakir and Sandhya are worried that even after so much tight security, Rajkumar has run.

Off-screen zakir says, its breaking news that Rajkumar has run. sandhya says, we are trying to find him as police is always behind criminal. Zakir says we are very intelligent, we will catch him soon. Sandhya jokes that Rajkumar will destroy rathi family then I will catch him.

Reporter says, sandhya don’t make joke of rajkumar missing. His first target is your sooraj only so leave this joking and start finding Rk. We know that you will find criminal soon as in end serial leads win only.

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