Drama galore in Colors’ Devanshi


A lot of high voltage drama is to be witnessed in the ongoing episodes of Colors’ popular daily Devanshi (Full House Media).

As per the ongoing episodes of the series, Devanshi (Helly Shah) has been trying to convince people that she is not an ansh of Devi.

Kusum Sundari (Karuna Pandey) too challenged Devanshi and on the other side, Vardaan (Mudit Nayar) is questioning Devanshi about how she saved herself. Later on, Sakshi (Anjum Fakih) also confronted Devanshi and blamed her for snatching Vardhaan from her as she loved her.

We hear that, in the upcoming episodes, this drama is set to be continued.

Our source informs us, “In the forthcoming episodes of the series, Vardhaan (Mudit Nayyar) will announce his engagement with Devanshi. This will make way for a big revelation that will unfold in the coming episodes.”

We tried reaching Helly but she remained unavailable for comments.

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