Drama galore in Zee Bangla’s Tobu Mone Rekho


Gear up for the drama in Zee Bangla’s Tobu Mone Rekho (Shree Venkatesh Films)!

Well, viewers would know that Rai (Pratyusha Paul) has successfull

Next, it will be seen that after her arrival, Supriya will slowly calm down. Thus, Rajatava now will be able to take rest from his wife’s madness.

Rai will slowly make Rajatava get all the happiness he had desired. The children and others too will start loving Rai.

But how can a serial move ahead without any spice and drama?

So, Jiniya will be seen putting all her efforts to instigate Supriya and bring out the truth about Rai’s marriage.
Will Jiniya succeed in her mission? Will love blossom between Rai and Rajatava? Will Supriya ever get to know the truth about Rai?

We tried to connect with the actors for comments but could not connect with them.

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