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Veera is upset as Baldev is getting married to Simran. She is trying to stay positive about all this. Her whole family is worried for her as Veera’s Baldev is getting married. Ranvi has asked Gunjan and chai ji not to talk about Baldev’s wedding in front of veera. This will hurt her.

Veera tells the reporter, I tried to talk to him, played tricks and did a lot of other endeavors but he wants to get married. God has decided this for her. But then I got to know that simran’s in not the right girl. So there is a plan piling up.

Veera is not upset as everyone else. She has a plan. She says everyone should attend his haldi ceremony. He is Gunjan’s brother we all should go. I can’t conceal my face all the time.

Veera tells the reporter, I will save Baldev as I love him. She says I have played a lot of tricks. Now I have to attend the wedding and stop it.

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