Ghotak to play double role in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar


Gear up to watch double trouble drama in your favourite comedy show Chidiya Ghar (SAB TV and Garima Productions). brings you an exciting dope which will make you anxious to watch the show.
As per the plot, Ghotak (Paresh Ganatra) will face new trouble after meeting his duplicate.
Yes, Ghotak’s look alike who would happen to be a mentally challenged man and would run away from his hospital.
However, the asylum people will spot Ghotak on the streets, and get hold of him thinking it’s his duplicate.
On the other hand, Chidiya Ghar family will unknowingly bring Ghotak’s duplicate at home.
The entire Narayan family would get tensed seeing Ghotak behaving differently.
How will Narayan family solve this problem?
We could not get through Paresh for his comment.

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