#GoldenGlobes: And the WINNERS are…

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The Award Night had some obvious winners with an equal number of surprises…

It is always amazing when the Award Season hits and we get glued to our couches and the television set is turned on. The past year was a revolutionary one, where the world witnessed some pathbreaking cinema in the form of motion picture and TV series.

It is nothing but a pleasant surprise, when a musical like ‘La La Land’ got the accolades it deserved. However, the road to the much-awaited Oscars begin with the much-awaited Golden Globe which is a celebration of the Best of the Best of television and movies. This year’s Golden Globe had some obvious winners while some were a pleasant surprises…

And the WINNERS are-

‘La La Land’ swooped away all the possible awards!

While ‘The Night Manager’ actors swooped away all the acting awards!!

‘Elle’ got the much-deserved appreciation!

And ‘American Crime Story: People Vs O.J. Simpson’ was the expected winner-

Tracis Ellis Ross FINALLY got her much-awaited and much-deserved award-

While, Billy Bob Thronton’s win came as a surprise for many-

And the mega SURPRISES include-

Donald Glover said it himself, they did not expect ‘people to like it’-

Casey Affleck’s win was one of the most pleasant surprises and of course, one that was undebatable-

Denzel Washington’s directorial fetched ‘Viola Davis’ brilliant performance the award-

Aaron Taylor-Johnson was as equally surprised as we were-

And it was a big ‘Shut Up’ to all the racism discrimination rumors as ‘Moonlight’ won it BIG-

What came as the BIGGEST SURPRISE was ‘The Crown.’ Who would have thought this Netfilx drama would beat the likes of ‘Westworld’ and ‘Game Of Thrones’ to win it huge-

And the legend, Meryl Streep was awarded, with a speech that cannot be missed-

That was how Golden Globe Awards 2017 rounded up. Did your favorites make it to the winner’s list? More happy or rather dissapointed by the list of winners?

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