Guess who is Namish Taneja’s new found sister?


Festivals of India celebrate the bond of love. Teej is one such festival widely celebrated across the country. Recently on the sets of Sony’s ‘Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi Tum Dekhte Rahiyo’ Teej was celebrated in much fanfare and Namish Taneja aka Samar also found a sister amongst the star-cast. The famous actor also seems to have bought a gift for her in real!

Namish Taneja is known amongst his peers as an affectionate friend and one who loves giving gifts. In his latest role of Samar, he is the ideal son who keeps everyone happy around him and is particularly very caring and protective towards his sisters. Sarika aka Vaani Sharma plays the role of Samar’s on-screen sister and both of them in real life have become sister and brother as well. Samar offers her tips on acting and between shots they are seen enjoying each other’s company. The entire cast has become one big family which has a lot of fun on sets together!

When contacted Namish Taneja aka Samar said, “Yes, I do consider Vaani as my own sister. Although we are co-actors and on-screen brother and sister, I never realized that I have become protective towards her. I feel like I am talking to my own sister whenever I am chatting with Vaani. She lives in Delhi and we don’t get to meet often as I am based in Mumbai because of my work. Vaani is like breath of fresh air on the sets and everyone loves her because of her bubbly nature. I also gifted her a set of 3 kurtis on the occasion of Teej and a similar sequence was also shot for our show. It feels wonderful to work with talented and lovely artists such as Vaani.”

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