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Chor Hun Main Loochha……………plays while Sahir and Arzoo talk to each other. Reporter says everyone have a style of praising others. It becomes a different version when it comes to Sahir and Arzoo. Arzoo complimented Sahir with heavy words. Sahir reads the letter where in she addresses him as Gabbar Chaudhary and goes on to insult him.

Sahir reads ” if you compete with Sholay’s Gabbar then he will go to heaven and you will go to hell. Allah Knows I learnt to fight with the troubles after you become my boss. Arzoo looks shocked and tensed. Sahir continues to read the letter and is shocked to know that she wants to kill him. Arzoo tells that if Sahir have a competition with Gabbar Singh then Gabbar Singh will go to heaven and Sahir will go to hell. She calls him Khadoos.

Sahir says she forgot her troubles as she is working at Saiyyara. Sahir gets angry reading her letter. Arzoo tells him that she don’t want to kill him. Reporter says we thought it is a love letter. Sahir says it is I hate love letter and laughs. Reporter asks Arzoo to wait for the return gift which is going to be blastful. Keep reading.

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