I don’t feel any pressure of being part of a big show like ‘Porus’: Suhani Dhanki


MUMBAI: Suhani Dhanki plays the key role of Laachi in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Porus. In an interview, the actress talks about what the show means to her, her love for period dramas and her struggle in the industry.

How does it feel to be a part of Porus? Do you feel pressurized for being a part of such a big show?

Apart from feeling fortunate, it’s also like living on the edge with surprises. I could be doing anything from acting to adventure every day on the set. There’s no pressure. How big or small the project is, depends on the makers and viewers. For me, I love what I do and do it with all my heart.

You are shooting outside of Mumbai…does this make it more challenging for you?

It’s peaceful here. I like that there’s no rush hour traffic, I’m completely immersed in work and life revolves around it. Apart from that, I do get considerable time for myself. The only real challenge is staying away from my husband!

How is it working with Siddharth and Rahul Kumar Tewary?

Their creative energies, proactiveness, goodwill and good nature seep into the team that works under them. It’s been a positive and peaceful work atmosphere and they’re both approachable bosses with a large heart.

You have been part of other period dramas as well. What is it about this genre that you love?

In certain period dramas, there could be pre-conceived notions about a character. With Laachi, she’s a work of creative imagination, so the onus is upon us to make her historically accepted and loved. I personally love that she’s unexplored, unabashed and mindful. She is set in an archaic era but her thinking is contemporary and relatable altogether.

How has been your journey like? Is it difficult to make a place for yourself in this industry?

With God’s grace, I’ve been blessed and fortunate. I stepped into the fray of the industry from my peaceful dance career and somewhere, I feel like I’m still learning the ways of this world, but the industry teaches you well. It is gratifying that I have been able to explore different genres and roles that challenge me. Alongside, I made good friends who give sound advice too. They say in art, there’s always a vacancy on the top. So, I guess the quotient of success and difficulty is subjective.

How do you de-stress after a long day?

Either I dance, talk to my husband, listen to music and cook or read a book.

You are a classical dancer. Do you get the time to follow that besides working for TV?

I have a promise and a challenge to fulfill, that I can do justice to both careers. I won’t say it’s easy, but I do not give up on trying. The battle is to motivate yourself to rehearse every day. No matter what, maintain the discipline and find the drive to do riyaaz. Fear is big motivation; I fear that I’ll lose it all if I don’t rehearse. I fear that my Guruji will get upset with me if I am not consistent. Bharatanatyam is my first love and I will always follow that irrespective of where I am and what I do.

What about future plans?

After Porus, on professional front, I will be investing more time with my Guruji and dance. I am keen on exploring projects for the web too.

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