Ikyawann Spoiler: Susheel gets kidnapped on her wedding day; turns Dabangg


Mumbai: Star Plus’ newly launched Ikyawann is all set to witness major drama in the upcoming episode. Currently as the viewers already know that Susheel (Prachi Tehlan) and Satya (Namish Taneja)’s wedding is on the cards. Soon in the upcoming episodes, high-voltage drama is on the cards.

According to the upcoming track, the bride to be Susheel while getting ready gets kidnapped. Well, before you run your horses thinking that it is someone’s plans. Few goons will kidnap Susheel only to steal her jewelry. Susheel will be unconscious thanks to the goons and she’ll be taken in an isolated location. If you are thinking that the male lead will come to the damsel’s rescue then you are sadly mistaken. Well, Susheel is no damsel in distress.

Susheel, a tomboy, when gets her conscious back she will start beating the kidnappers. The hijackers will be beaten left right and centre. Looking at her ‘dabangg avatar’ the kidnappers will regret the decision of taking her hostage.

Meanwhile, Susheel’s in-law Leela will be distressed to find her to be daughter-in-law missing.

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