Is arrogance the reason behind the anti – Hina phenomenon?


Bigg Boss 11 has been quite an eventful season. This edition was kind of a blast where all there was too much of drama, controversies and undying buzz revolving around the controversial non-fiction daily. The season was dramatic and so were the contestants. From Shilpa to Vikas, Arshi to Akash and Luv to Puneesh, there were enough participants to entice the viewers through their antics. Amidst 19 odd contestants, there was one such contender who was the talk of the whole town. It was TV actress Hina Khan, who ruled Indian television for over 8 years in a daily soap.

Despite being a finalist, Hina attracted hatred and criticism from all over the places. TV stars ranging from Karan Patel to Gauahar Khan, a majority of the celebrities bashed her unapologetically. As an audience one didn’t find Hina that much at fault to garner such a heavy backlash. However, the industry wallahs gave her flaks unrepentantly. Agreed, Hina did have flaws like every other contestant in all the past seasons of Bigg Boss, but, the critical opprobrium she received, left many including us perplexed. The hatred towards her was to such an extent, that in one of the episodes, media personalities went ahead to call her “mohalle ki aunty.”

People have often questioned Hina about her arrogance. In the show as well, many contestants have been often heard saying that Hina’s pride is one of the reasons why she is hated so much. Is arrogance the reason behind the anti – Hina phenomenon?

To understand the gravity of the situation, business degree delved into analyzing the whole fiasco. We spoke to journalists present over there and people who have worked with Hina in the past.

In a survey conducted, for certain journalists, by business degree, 99% of them agreed to the fact that it was arrogance that brought the hefty backlash to Hina. A journalist from a reputed portal said, “Considering the journalists and members of our television fraternity, yes it is the angst against Hina that has oozed out. Undoubtedly she is very successful but the kind of attitude she holds is unbearable. It was only and only Hina’s arrogance that has brought hatred to this level.” It certainly comes across as people, who have had a bad experience with her, are just trying to avenge their ordeals at the cost of her minor faults. Another journalist from a leading daily shared, “Considering the media episode in particular – there were reporters whom she has ill-treated when she was on top of her career. The questions were blunt and real all targeted towards her because they knew that she deserves them and she is all that she has been tagged to be i.e. arrogant and has too much pride.”

A correspondent who was also present in the media convention said, “It is not just her arrogance but her pride too. Most of the time she doesn’t work in the house; all she does is manipulate people to work for her. She uses people at times like she used Priyank and Luv. She thinks since she has been the top actress, she has the right to behave so.”

While talking to different people who’ve worked with Hina in the past, we came across one person who was a part of Khatron Ke Khiladi along with Hina Khan. Under the terms of anonymity, the person revealed that Hina has always acted like a tantrum queen. “Because of her attitude, people hated her in the show. Even the Spanish crew was not much fond of her.”

Renowned fashion stylist, Neerusha Nikhat who has been an avid follower of Bigg Boss thinks that people have overreacted on Hina. “Hina has really changed and improved a lot in the show. Honestly logon ne apne khunnas nikali hai (people have removed her frustration). Obviously, her ex-creative, producers and everyone has been troubled by her and now they are just talking about her. But, I really feel that she isn’t really such a bad person.”

Casting director Shadman Khan has had his share of experience with Hina Khan. “She’s very good by heart but her very rude, egoistic and arrogant. Obviously, she is damn beautiful but ego and attitude is not good for her career. I’m part of the industry and honestly, I know that every producer and casting director will at least think thrice before casting her in any of their shows. And that is all because of her arrogance.”

A popular actress on the terms of being anonymous said, “Majority of the actors that are criticizing her, merely don’t like her because of their past experience with her and not because of what she’s been portrayed in the show. I feel Shilpa has done worse things in the house in the name of entertainment but because she has been sweet, there’s no reaction.”

Arrogance takes you nowhere, is a popular ideology. While one can’t really comment anything on Hina Khan without any past experience, we can surely say that indeed the lady was not that bad as she was portrayed by people.

Irrespective of all of this, this is an alarming reminder to all the actors in the industry who take success too seriously. Popularity is something one should be grateful for and not arrogant! It is the fan’s love that makes one a celebrity and to throw this love from the hill is disappointing. There have been many such instances where arrogance led to the downfall of the biggest of personalities. Many stars faded in the melancholy of darkness.

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