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Reporter says Mahi blamed Satya of theft in Koel’s birthday. Aajki raat plays in BG. Satya attends the birthday party by wearing mask. Mahi and Satya play the musical chairs. Reporter says Mahi’s necklace gets missing when power goes for a moment. Offscreen Mahi says I had Gangutai’s necklace and I blame him for stealing my necklace.

Offscreen Satya jokes that makers will put any blame on me, it will be proved wrong. Reporter says Satya will be blamed by Mahi and their love story will go ahead like this, but Payal gets doubt on Satya. Offscreen Satya says Payal will see me and understand I m Siddharth’s son. Reporter says Satya will unite Payal and Mahi, then he will be called Jamai Raja like his dad. Keep reading.

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