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The reporter says Satya has fever and Mahi is worried. There is chance pe dance in dreams, first rain dance and now cold. Reporter says don’t get confused, he has got cold in imagination, where Mahi has come to take care of him. see his drama even in dream. Satya tells Mahi that he can’t breath in cold.

Offscreen Satya says he is seeing Mahi as life partner and went to his own space. Mahi cares for Satya. Reporter says cold will happen after rain dance, I think Satya needs a slap to get fine. Mahi tells Satya that she has come to call him.

Satya asks her not to slap him again. Mahi will make kada for him by her hands. Reporter says this love story will get true soon. Offscreen Mahi says she is confused and does not know her feelings. Keep reading.

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