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Sid and Roshni are seen dancing in the party. Na Seeka Maine Jeena plays…………….Reporter says Sid and Roshni’s love have become eternal today. She says it might be Sid and Roshni’s last romantic dance as Sid has promised his mum to leave Roshni and go far. Roshni is oblivious to this and dancing with Sid.

DD says Roshni will understand her worries. Roshni says her life is same as her mum’s. Reporter says she is looking awesome in shimmer lehenga. She says someone kept a bad eye on them. Their relation is breaking.

DD is trying to revive her relationship with her estranged husband. DD’s husband says song is good and beautiful lady is right infront of him. He is dancing seeing her. Reporter asks us to look at DD’s dancing skills and says she has managed to dance well. She says Sid and Roshni will marry again after the twist comes in the show. Keep reading.

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