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Reporter says Roshni and Neil take pheras and gets married. Offscreen Roshni says this is seventh wedding on screen. She recalls her wedding with Sid. She has chosen Neil as her life partner unwillingly. Sid couldn’t see his Roshni as bride as he was not available. Roshni feels she is doing wrong, but go ahead with the marriage. It is big mistake and blunder of her life.

Neil was tensed thinking that he will marry her not. Roshni says Neil is her official second husband now. Reporter says Neil came to know about Roshni’s truth partially, and he decides to marry up fast. He is head over heels to marry her, and that’s why gets married to her. Roshni is sad and hopes Sid will come and stops her wedding. It is yet to be seen what Sid will do now. Keep reading.

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