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Sid has become doctor. Payal comes to his fake hospital with Ria. Sid checks her strangely. He checks her nerves and says she is dead and then says she is alive. He is Dr. Sulekha and his attire and talks like Dr. Gulati. Reporter says he drinks wine before treating patients. He tells he has urination and constipation problem and that’s why he is drinking wine. Payal says okay. Sid tortures Payal comically. He wants to get truth out of her mouth. He is giving tough competition to Dr. Gulati.

Sid says this is his 17th get up. He is using a device to get info from Payal. He is trapping Payal by becoming a doctor. Golmaal Golmaal plays……………He says Oh God…..Payal shockingly asks what happened? Sid says your kidneys have failed.

Ria hugs Doctor and takes Payal from there. Payal sits in car and is about to go, but Simran comes infront of her car. A crowd surrounds her. Later she comes to know that she is actually Sid’s mum. She is about to slap her, but Roshni comes and holds her hand. She comes to know that everyone tried to made her mad, and even Neil and Ria are together now. She gets angry as her ego is hurt. Reporter says Sid and Roshni dies in a car accident and their son will grown up as Sid himself. Karan’s mum in law will be Payal, and this is the big twist. Keep reading.

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