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Someone ties Roshni’s hand and mouth and makes her stand under the fan with rope around her neck. The rope is tied to the door and table, Sid opens the door and she gets hanged. He shouts Roshni and holds her to save her life. Everyone panics. Offscreen Roshni says I was on the verge of dying, but Sid rescued me. DD blames Sid for Roshni’s condition and asks him to go away from there. She says we don’t have any relation with you.

Sid makes a plan to save Ayesha from the joker, but Joker being clever will try to kill Roshni. Roshni says joker tried to kill her, but she was rescued by her hero Sid. Joker Yash is conspiring against them and made their holi colorless. Roshni is trying to helping Sid, and changes the stolen necklace in the swimming pool as there was no camera there. Keep reading.

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