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Roshni goes to kitchen to make food for Neil and suddenly the kitchen gets on fire. Neil and Sid run to kitchen to save Roshni. Roshni feels suffocated and gives hand to Sid without seeing his face. Neil is shocked.

It is all Mami’s conspiracy. She keeps cloth near the gas stove so that it catches fire, and then she closes the door. Roshni turns and is shocked. She calls for help.

Sid has managed to save his Roshni. Whenever she is in trouble, Sid always protects her, irrespective of her acknowledgement of love. She gives his hand while it is smoking and dark all around. Roshni says her hand holds Sid’s hand automatically as he is her love of life.

Offscreen Roshni says this happens only in films and TV, if I or anyone gets caught between the fire then nobody will come and save. Here two heroes came and save me.

Sid saves her and brings her to hall. Neil hugs Roshni and takes her from there. Keep reading.

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