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Jai Jai bajrang bali…. Plays…………. Sid has become Hanuman. Roshni brings Ayesha there to show the play. The reporter says Sid has tilak, tail and hanuman’s weapon. He is Kalyug hanuman, he is wearing jeans, instead dhoti. Selfie le le re……………. plays in BG. The reporter says they got the bumper surprise for Diwali. Sid has got a makeover. Sid does the play.

Offscreen Sid says character is different this time, its new guy with different attire and talking. This is brand new twist. Sid has died, and Sid’s look alike has entered the show. Sid is present in Ramleela, where Roshni got Ayesha to see. Offscreen Sid says this hanuman is modern, its very interesting. Roshni did not see Sid’s lookalike till now, it will be big twist. Sid and Roshni give autograph to their little fans. Keep reading.

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