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Ladki ka kaanti plays…. Gauri is again in problem. Kaali will save her. The reporter says see Manjiri’s daughters, they look same and play with a puppy. Their bonding offscreen is also same. Gauri and Kaali offscreen show their puppies and say names. The reporter says its big confusion in scene, Gauri and Kaali wear same clothes.

The kidnappers who came to kidnap Kaali can kidnap Gauri. They put Gauri in the van and leave. Jethi Maa has called kidnappers to catch Kaali. Offscreen Gauri says I wore black clothes, so she got kidnapped. Offscreen Kaali says Jethi Maa has planned this, kidnappers get confused. Jethi Maa’s plan gets flopped, as Gauri is kidnapped. Keep reading.

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