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Shelly tries to come closer to RAvi seeing him alone in office. Ravi ask what are you doing Shelly, have you gone mad, he pushes her away.

Off-screen: Ravi says, Shelly is my college friend and she is marketing head in my office. We were in relationship in our college days.

Reporter says, don’t know what happened to this Casanova Ravi that girl is trying to come closer to him but he is miffed with her.

On-screen: Shelly again comes closer to Ravi but he ask her to stay away. He says I am not that type of guy who can stab other person behind this back, Rithvik is my very good friend and i can’t make relation with his fiance(Shelly). He says before i forget that you are a girl and makes a call to Rithvik telling him that you don’t deserve him, just leave.

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