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Aaliya is angered and crying seeing the decorative room for Purab and Bulbul’s wedding night. Reporter says this is Pragya’s ultimatum, Aaliya has lost her mental balance it seems. Offscreen Aaliya says no one will know about her plans, but Pragya will know Aaliya has done all this.

Aaliya goes inside the room and sees Purab and Bulbul’s name written with rose petals. She gets her anger on the decorations. She writes her name with rose petals. She writes Alia and Purab and smiles. Offscreen Aaliya says its interesting to see passion in love, this is more of her obsession, she wants Purab. Aaliya rests on the bed and imagines Purab. Rang de tu mohe gerua…………..plays…………

Aaliya does not see Purab and throws the things. She scares Pragya and threatens her that she will kill Pragya and Bulbul. Offscreen Aaliya says she does not value Abhi and her Dadi, so Pragya and Bulbul do not matter to her. Reporter says Purab is gone from Aaliya’s hand, now her truth has to come out. Chann se jo tuta so sapna…… plays…..Keep reading.

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