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Abhi and Pragya are dancing. Reporter says see their dance Tamasha. Thoda sa kamina thoda sa bechara hai ishq….. plays in background. Pragya and Abhi dance on the floor and rock the party. Pragya looks Abhi’s rockstar wife. Reporter asks to clap for Pragya, she is bhartiya party who can dance perfectly in saree. Offscreen Pragya says everyone should try dancing in saree. Offscreen Abhi says her hand slipped often, but we continued dancing. Reporter says Pragya is showing attitude.

DJ Wale babu song plays in BG. Reporter says Abhi and Pragya has come in disco. Abhi came for his meeting. Pragya came to find psycho killer. Purab is also coming there. When Abhi and Pragya came together, they danced. Offscreen Pragya says she did not get psycho killer, but got her psycho lover. Abhi was shocked seeing Pragya dance so well. Abhi and Pragya had masti during dance scene. Keep reading.

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