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Abhi and Pragya are having Dandiya function. The Reporter says they don’t leave any chance to fight. Now they are fighting while playing Dandiya Raas. They are attacking each other like dandiya and showing tashan without thinking they can get hurt by the sticks. Aa dekhe zara…………….plays in BG. Abhi gives attitude looks to Pragya and she also looks angry.

The Reporter says they felt everything will be fine between them in Navratri, but its still fights, the reason is Tanu, because of her, Abhi and Pragya have become enemies. Tanu has kept this Dandiya competition where winner will get 10 lakhs, Tanu will also play this to win money.

Tanu says she wants 5 lakhs, she will play and dance, but she has to see how she dances as she is pregnant. The reporter says be careful Tanu, you lied about your pregnancy, if you dance high then everything will doubt on you. Keep reading.

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