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Abhi is annoyed with Pragya as she folds her hands. Gustakh dil plays in the background. Abhi leaves and Pragya cries a lot. The reporter says 24 hours time is ending and Pragya is not able to prove herself innocent. She got a single witness Mitali Bhabhi and she also ditched her at the last moment.

Mitali changes her statement and lies about Pragya and Suresh. Pragya is shocked as Mitali says she is not like her. Pragya requests her to say the truth. Abhi gets angry and says tell me the truth. Pragya says I felt Mitali will accept her truth but she refused everything.

The reporter says we hope Pragya proves herself innocent and Abhi’s anger is rising, do something about the same clothes she is shooting in since many days, this is not good. Pragya says focus on content, not clothes as its strong. The reporter says we give you lot of time to prove yourself innocent.

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