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Reporter says everyone is praying that Abhi and Pragya romance. Reporter says Abhi does not know the meaning of a rose, it brings smile on a girl’s face. Abhi has given rose to Tanu. He is confessing love to Tanu. Abhi’s memory has gone and even now he loves Tanu. Reporter asks why is Abhi doing this, why is he showing stars to Tanu in day time. Offscreen Tanu jokes about Abhi. Offscreen Abhi says this time I had to work hard. Tere sang yaara plays in Bg.

Reporter says Pragya is crying like always, the more Pragya burns her heart in jealousy, the show will go ahead. Reporter says see the decorations, you will be surprised to know Pragya has done this, would she do this if she knew Abhi will propose here, she will always remember this date. Reporter says this date will go on like, but we want to know when will Abhi’s memory come back, we will get answer soon. Keep reading.

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