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Abhi is blackmailing Pragya emotionally to know about the truth. Intehaan song plays…….Reporter says Abhi gets drunk and trying to get Pragya closer to him. He is torturing her with love. Pragya is shy and tensed. Abhi has become bond and is trying to spy on Pragya to know the truth about her moves. Dadi tells that doesn’t know what has happened with Pragya. She has become someone else.

Dadi says she tried talking to Pragya, but she didn’t listen to her. She says I am ready to apologize to her and folds my hands. I can’t see her change like this. Abhi says he didn’t drink, but is just acting to be dizzy. He is expressing love and getting close, but Pragya is trying to make him go far. Pragya says she is trying to make him sleep. Abhi jokes. Pragya laughs. Reporter says Abhi’s planning is successful.

Pragya asks Abhi to take care of Tanu and her child. She tells her about Tanu’s pregnancy. Pragya tells that Tanu’s love is real and she is pregnant with his child. Abhi is left shocked. Reporter says Abhi will not let go Pragya as he is in love with Pragya. Keep reading.

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