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Abhi and Pragya have an eye lock while Abhi tries to make his heart heard to Pragya. Main Tenu Samjhawa plays……… Reporter says their life is strange. They stay in same room, but are far. Pragya takes care of him and brings tea. She wants to stay far from him. Abhi’s hand is hurt because of Pragya or Tanu. Abhi says his hand is broken. She will call the doctor. Pragya says people will call her thakur. Abhi apologizes.

Reporter says they are in bedroom, but they are being disturbed by the show’s crew. He says it is a joke. He says Tanu’s pregnancy is confirmed. Pragya wants to leave Abhi for Tanu. She takes her bag and starts to leave. She brings Tanu home and gives her place in Abhi’s room. Everyone is left shocked. Offscreen Tanu says she agreed for Pragya’s work. Reporter says they are staying far from each other. Keep reading.

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