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Everyone dance on punjabi song. Reporter says I hope they will marry this time. Everyone is dancing on the dance floor. Purab says Bulbul is looking beautiful. Bulbul describes her lehenga. Reporter says even Dadi will dance today. Abhi will be trapped between Pragya and Bulbul. Both of them try to pull Abhi towards themselves. Abhi dances with him on the dance Aadat Se Majbur. Aaliya is also performing during their sangeet on Jhalla song.

Purab dances with her. Bulbul says she wants to get married for sure and is fed up now. Dadi dances like a youngsters. There is a twist to the show, as Tanu’s parents come and want Abhi to get married to her during Purab and Bulbul’s marriage rituals. Reporter says it looks like Purab will marry Aaliya, as he is fed up of marriage rituals for the third time. Keep reading.

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