Kushal Tandon retorts to Gauahar’s snapchat video!

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Is there another SLUGFEST coming soon?

Kushal Tandon made it to the headlines yesterday when he stated that he does not want to be friends with his ex, Gauahar Khan. The two, who started dating during their stint in the Bigg Boss house, broke up shortly.

The duo, who parted ways on a bad note, refused to even acknowledge each other publicly and even refrained from speaking about each other. The apparent reason for their break up was the difference in their religion.

In one of his latest interview to a daily, when a journalist asked Kushal if it was possible to be friends with an ex. He mentioned – “It is possible, but we (Gauahar) are not friends. I don’t want to be friends. I am friends with two of my former girlfriends though.”

The daily put up the same statement as the headline, which irked Gauahar. She reverted in her snapchat video and expressed her displeasure over how her name was still being taken by Kushal. She said in her video, “It is so disappointing to read that some people need your name to make headlines even in their work articles. Get over it. There are two golden words that people can use – ‘No Comments.’ You don’t need to answer everything that the journalists ask.”
Not the one to take things lying down, Kushal too tweeted back.