Look which actor lost some serious pounds for a show.

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Read on to find out…

Actors have to go through various training and adaptations in order to get into the skin of the character they portray. Not only do they have to pick up the diction and the body language of the character being portrayed, but they also have to work upon their physical appearance. One such actor who had to undergo a major change to match up to his role is Sarjaat Gill.

Sartaaj, who rose to fame as Priyom in &TV’s Begusarai is currently being seen as Raja in Zee TV’s Ek Tha Raja EK Thi Rani. We hear the actor has lost a lot of weight to fit into the character.

Our source informs, “Sarjaat had decided to lose weight ever since he was approached for the role. He went on to shedding 10 Kgs as he wanted to look his best.”
We spoke to the actor who confirmed the same.