Mahir and Bela to get married; Vish to kill Yuvi in Naagin 3


MUMBAI: Colors’ supernatural drama Naagin 3 has already begun and the makers are in no mood to beat around the bush. According to the upcoming track, the writers are planning to give the audience a shocker.

The viewers already know that Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) is set to marry Yuvi (Ankit Mohan). However, things will take a drastic turn.

According to the track, Vish (Anita Hassnandani) will take her revenge. And, her first prey would be Yuvi. Vish will don Yuvi’s ex-girlfriend’s appearance. Seeing her mien Yuvi will believe that she is his ex. The lady will then lure Yuvi and take him out of his own wedding.

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Meanwhile, everyone will be gearing up for the grand wedding. When everyone will notice the groom’s absence, murmurs will start around the missing of the groom. Questions would be raised on Bela and the family. To keep the pride of the family intact, Mahir will come in front. Mahir will marry Bela so that the family’s pride doesn’t suffer.

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On the other hand, conjectures are also rife that Vish will succeed in killing Yuvi. Will Yuvi succumb to death or will he survive? That is something you’ll get to know in the upcoming episode. Keep watching Naagin 3 and stay tuned to business degree.

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