MTV Big F brings the agonizing story of a woman forced into prostitution


According to data from the Human Development Index, published by the UNDP, approximately 54 per cent of the population in India lives in poverty. Poverty is one of the major reasons why young girls and women fall prey to prostitution, or let’s say, forced prostitution. Poverty- stricken women are often forced into prostitution in India. MTV Big F Season 2 will be highlighting the issue of forced prostitution through the story of a young talented singer, Nazia who is pushed into prostitution owing to her troubled childhood and financial circumstances.

Nazia, played by Sharmin Kazi is a young talented singer whose mother used to be a singer at the bar and dreamt that her daughter would have better opportunities in the field of music. Owing to poor financial circumstances and troubled childhood, Nazia is forced to choose prostitution and singing in the bar to make her ends meet. She attends college during the day time and secretly changes her identity in the night. The story takes a turn when a young college boy Tarun, played by Shrikant Bhatt gets to know about Nazia’s secret profession. In order to hide his sexual orientation, Tarun strikes a deal with Nazia to act as his girlfriend in front of his college friends. Will Nazia’s secret be revealed?

On playing a prostitute on MTV Big F, Sharmin Kazi said, “For an actor it’s amazing to play different kind of characters. And I was more than happy to play the character of a prostitute because it’s different from ordinary .Prostitution in India is a very sensitive topic, girls are forced into prostitution owning to ill luck and circumstances and in some cases girls get into it on their own because they do not have any other means to fend for themselves. These girls are just like you and me .Even they have dreams and ambitions to become something but they can’t because they have to hide their identity but the clients are never blamed to pay for having sex. MTV Big F very aesthetically portrays Nazia’s struggles.”

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