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Shesha has backstabbed Shivanya and have shocked her. Ritik wants to surprise Shivanya and marry her again, but Shesha is marrying him. Ritik sees Shivanya when he looks at Shesha, and is oblivious that she is Shesha. Shivanya looks shocked and taken aback. Shesha started loving Ritik and is happy to marry Ritik. Shesha and Ritik are about to take pheras. Offscreen Shesha says Ritik is very lucky to get love of two nagins.

Shivanya says there is a reason behind Shesha’s move. Yamini poses for selfie with the Naagins. It is interesting to watch, Shivanya tries to stop the wedding and comes as a constable. He tells them that Ankush Raheja is in jail and they tried to call him. Will Shesha succeed? No. Rithvik will marry only Shivanya. Keep reading.

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