Nikhilesh Rathod, Jaswinder Kumar and Mansi Srivastava roped in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya!

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This episode will air on August 5..

Zing’s Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya has presented a lot of love tales which successfully reinforces people’s faith in love.

This time, the show will see the Suvreen Guggal fame Mansi Srivastava and newbie actor Nikhilesh Rathod in the lead roles essaying the characters of Suhana and Amar respectively. Introducing dramatic twists to the plot will be Jaswinder Kumar, who will essay the role of Gaurav in the episode.

Amar and Gaurav will be officers responsible for training military cadets while Suhana will be a dedicated social NGO worker after an accidental death of her father by the military officers. Amar will soon start developing feelings for Suhana and would want to propose to her. Amar would face difficulty in confessing his feelings since she hates the military. He would then fake his identity as an actor and the two would be seen sharing romantic moments until the big twist comes in!

Gaurav will keep advising Amar of how wrong it is to hide things from the person one loves. And then, one day, girls from the NGO get kidnapped and the two boys vow to save them.

Will Suhana accept Amar’s love after knowing that he belongs to the military?

When we contacted Jaswinder, he stated, “I have been doing episodic for Pyar Tune Kya Kiya on and off, and being the Casting Director of Lost Boy Productions, when this script came my way I was keen on doing the character’s role. I even added an element of comedy to my character to make it look more entertaining.”

This episode will air on August 5!